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  1. Background
  2. Structure Plan Review Implementation
  3. Local Plan - Form and Content
  4. Recommendations


Four legislations that provide legal basis for the Review are:


Structure Plan Review Implementation and Local Plan Preparation and Adoption

The review of teh Kuala Lumpur Structure Plan and the preparartion of the local plan will be implemented in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Territory (Planning) Act 1982. Itis the expressed intention of the legislation that the local plans would be prepared and finalised on the lines set out in Section 13 of the Act either:


Local Plan - Form and Content

It is our considered view that the minimal form and content as required by law for a local plan are:

a map and a written statement indicating the zoning, density, the improvement of pysical environment and improvement of transportation. The local plan is to be accompanied by such diagrams, illustrations and descriptive matter as the Datuk Bandar thinks appopriate.